Disney, Pixar "Toy Story 2"
6.25 in HIGH x 3.75 in|6.75 in|6.5 in WIDE x 1 in|3.875 in DEEP
(15.87 cm HIGH x 9.52 cm|17.14 cm|16.51 cm WIDE x 2.54 cm|9.84 cm DEEP)
Gift of Inez Brooks-Myers

Well Heeled at Oakland International Airport 2/23 - 5/11/01

A-B: Pair of child's slippers featuring the "Toy Story" and Toy Story 2" character "Woody" (a wooden toy, Sheriff/cowboy from the old west. Woody's head and chest are on the front of each slipper; he wears a brown felt cowboy hat, a red bandana, and painted on his is yellow/red window pane plaid shirt and his white "pony skin" vest in white with black spots. The back of the slippers is made of brown pile weave with the tops of red knit; the soles are brown with small brown dots to help prevent skidding while being worn. Printed on the bottom of each sole, in white: "Disney . Pixar, 'Toy Story 2', c Disney/Pixar Manufactured exclusively for Angel-etts of California, Los Angeles CA90016, man made materials, Made in China size:5-6(S), Stock No:OO961." A: Is the right slipper with a red "Toy Story 2" printed cloth patch stitched to the side of the right heel; the "Toy Story 2" hang tag is still in place. B: Is the left slipper with a red "Toy Story 2" printed cloth patch stitched to the side of the left heel. C-D: Shoe box in which the slippers were purchased. A: The lid, red and blue horizontal bands with stars printed on them, "Disney . Pixar, 'Toy Story 2'" printed on the top. B: "Disney . Pixar 'Toy Story 2'" printed on all four sides, on wend also has stock number "00961," color "brown," and size "S(5-6)." The price tag is still in place $12.00, purchased at Mervyn's/California.

Used: child ~ unisex | Woody | Motion picture | Pixar | Walt Disney Productions | Toy Story 2

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