To Our Cousins In The Guard
c. 1969
11 in HIGH x 8.5 in WIDE
(27.94 cm HIGH x 21.59 cm WIDE)
Gift of Eleanor Edmund

Two sided flyer. Front side is a type message entitled "To Our Cousins in the Guard." The text is addressed to members of the National Guard sent to Berkeley to contain the demonstrations at People's Park. The document is apparently written by some of the protesters. Basically the protesters are encouraging the National Guardsmen to defect to their side, to not support the "pigs" (as they refer to the police). They say that the men who joined the National Guard probably did so they would not have to go to Vietnam and now they (the Guardsmen) are being called upon to "fight his own countrymen." On the other side is a cartoon of a young men who joins the Guard and progressively turns into a pig. The caption over the cartoon says "Don't Let This Happen To You!--The National Guard: A Pigification Machine! In Nurenburg the American Government judged that Nazi Soldiers who excused their barbarisms with 'I was just following orders' were guilty of war crimes. Don't let the same people who crushed the People's Park turn you into a pig."

Used: People's Park

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