8 in HIGH x 10 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE)
The Oakland Tribune Collection, the Oakland Museum of California. Gift of ANG Newspapers

The caption on the back reads: This team, managed by Chalres Thollander in 1912, was known as the Live Oaks and did its share to maintain the baseball reputation of East Oakland. The group includes: Wallace Huarny, Mascot "Babe" Powers, Andrew "Red" Powers, Gus Thollander, Vernon "Lefty" Pease, Elwood "Speed" Martin, Edwin Whittier, Henry "Heinie" Bennalac and William Strobridge. In Addition: All the players are in uniform including the mascot. In the middle-back the man in the hat is in a dark suit. Many of the players have gloves in hand and a bat is located in the bottom-right of the photo as well as in the hand of the player in the back-left of the photo. One player does not have a hat on and he is in the bottom left-hand corner.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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