Your Neighborhood Grocer
c. 1930
18 in HIGH x 12 in WIDE
(45.72 cm HIGH x 30.48 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mr. Jim E. Adams

An advertisement from the Mutual Creamery Company which operates Mutual Stores (grocery stores?) addressed to East Bay housewives. The ad appears to be in answer to some criticism of local housewives who use or demand that grocery stores be open more often and longer hours. The Mutual Stores support the housewives, stating that no employee works more than an 8 hour shift in any of their stores, and that they understand and encourage housewives and "business women" that modern living conditions necessitate longer store hours. The ad concludes with "...a Mutual Store is always open to serve your convenience at the time you need service most." The donor's father was the graphic designer for the posters, E. Adams.

Used: grocery store

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