Gateway Junior Sewing Machine
7.125 in|7.5 in|2.5 in|2.5 in|2.75 in|3 in HIGH x 8.25 in|8.5 in|3.75 in WIDE x 4.5 in|4.5 in DEEP
(18.10 cm|19.05 cm|6.35 cm|6.35 cm|6.98 cm|7.62 cm HIGH x 20.95 cm|21.59 cm|9.52 cm WIDE x 11.43 cm|11.43 cm DEEP)
Gift of H. Nona Hungate

Model NP-1

A: Child's hand cranked sewing machine with red enameled metal base and frame, cream colored trim and wheel, all metal, except for black wood handle; thread holder has a wooden spool with pink thread. B: Cream colored cardboard bow with label printed in brown and green "Gateway Junior, Sewing Machine, Model NP-1, Manufactured by Gateway Engineering Co., Chicago, ILL...another product of gateway craftsmen." C-H: Small fabric scraps for practice stitches, two white, two baby blue, one gray (with pink and blue embroidery stitches) and one blue and white striped.

Used: childhood | Sewing

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