Knights and Knaves Honor Award 1956. Presented to Albert-Harry-Sam Bercovich October 24, 1956 for their invaluable service to baseball and amateur athletics.
15.25 in HIGH
(38.73 cm HIGH)
Sam Bercovich

A large wooden plaque, 15 1/4 ins. tall and 18 ins. across, has two golden colored plaques placed in it. The top one is arched and reads "Knights and Knaves Honor Award 1956." Below it are three sets of gold colored bats and baseballs. They are centered over the larger bottom plaque which reads "Presented to Albert-Harry-Sam Bercovich 19-Oct. 24-56 for their invaluable service to baseball and amateur athletics." Three small, gold colored stars are on each side of the top plate. There is a long, gold colored metal flower design on each side of the larger plaque. Three 'arrows' are placed across the very bopttom of the plaque. A jagged metal clip is placed in the back, top center for hanging the plaque.

Used: Albert Bercovich | Harry Bercovich | Sam Bercovich

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