September 11-13m 1938
4.5 in HIGH x 2.25 in WIDE
(11.43 cm HIGH x 5.71 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mr. John E. Ruden

A red, white and yellow ribbon with the word DELEGATE in black type is pinned on by a copper brooch, the brooch is rectangular with decorations: Mt. Hood is on the top of the rectangle, below is the United Spanish War Veterans emblem, reading Cuba, Philippine Islands, Porto Rico and USA, Spanish War Veterans 1898-1902, off of which a coin of the Battleship Oregpn, one inch in diameter hangs. Arround the rectangle, are two flowers, and "40th National Encampment, Portland Ore., Sept. 11-13, 1938." Framed inside the rectangle is a piece of paper with "Harry P. Todd Senior Vice Commander E.H. Liscum Camp No. 7" typed, and "Oakland Calif.", hand-written.

Used: Harry Todd

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