Landscape of the Presidio with with tents and the Bay. Handwritten on the back: Photo of our camp with others it is the of Camp Merriam but only a portion of the Presidio. Part of the baracks can be seen. The water is the bay and gate the narrow neck is the gate about 3/4 mile wide. The camp nearest the front at the bootom is the 57th Iowa Accross the trees oppisite the big tent and right in the corner you can see apart of the Calif. heavy artilery near back where the large square and round thents area is the 20th Kansas next back of that is the Origan fist and 7th Calif and farther over the reaminder of the 23rd Regulars. All three camps are in one almost. The few tents by the trees to the left is the edge of the 1st Tenn the ... of the their camp is down in the hollow. The washington boys are camped in the barracks and others are camped over the hill to the left out of sight about 8,000 boys are now in camp here or were when this photo was taken. H.P. Todd Com 20th Kansas
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