c. 1965
10.5 in|14.5 in HIGH x 13.25 in|16 in WIDE
(26.67 cm|36.83 cm HIGH x 33.65 cm|40.64 cm WIDE)
Collection of the Oakland Museum of California

A label across the bottom of the photo, "Soldiers separated from the army at the transfer point located at Oakland Army Base for many years. Until the mid-1960s, soldiers could purchase rail travel tickets from agents conveniently located on base." A lined post-it note attached to the back says "BlDG 640 in 1954/55. Soldiers completed all processing at this site either coming or going from overseas. Note that at that time most soldiers traveled by rail from nearby stations in Oakland and Richmond, where dozens of trains departed every day." Photo shows the interior of Building 640 lined with a series of ticket counters for the different railroads and airlines. Each ticket counter area is separated by a post and a wall made of wire. There are several soldiers leaning on the counter at each counter. The first counter on the right is for Southern Pacific, then Santa Fe, Scheduled Aircoach, and Continenal Lines.

Used: U.S. Army | Oakland Army Base

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