15.5 in|20 in HIGH x 19.25 in|24 in WIDE
(39.37 cm|50.80 cm HIGH x 48.89 cm|60.96 cm WIDE)
Collection of the Oakland Museum of California

A label across the bottom of the photo, "Buses, trains, trucks and ships. Soldiers, materiel and equipment load up for the month-long voyage to South East Asia in 1965." Photo shows a dock near the Army Base. In the foreground is a pickup truck and a line of carts stacked with bocks. In the center of the dock are several busses with soldiers milling around beside the busses. In the background are several cargo containers and a ship, the "Rio Grande," parked on the farside of the dock. On the deck of the ship are several army vehicles. In the distant background is the Bay Bridge and Yerba Buena Island.

Used: U.S. Army | Oakland Army Base

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