c. 1964
13.75 in|11.75 in HIGH x 29.75 in|15.25 in WIDE
(34.92 cm|29.84 cm HIGH x 75.56 cm|38.73 cm WIDE)
Collection of the Oakland Museum of California

One of many signs posted around Building 590 at the Oakland Army Base during the Vietnam War. Building 590 was used as a place were troops would spend the night before being shipped to Vietnam or stayed upon returning. Sign is made of 1/4 inch plywood, painted white with the following stenciled in black letters, "ANYONE MISSING AT PRE-MAC, MAC OR BUS DEPARTURE TIME WILL BE SUBJECT TO DISCIPLENARY ACTION FOR MISSING SHIPMENT." A hand-drawn map is stapled to the bottom of the line and indicates the route the soldiers were to march to go from Building 590, where they were staying, to the mess hall on the other side of Building 794. The map indicates that they marched more or less along the fence line, near the railroad tracks.

Used: U.S. Army

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