11 in HIGH x 8 in WIDE
(27.94 cm HIGH x 20.32 cm WIDE)
The Oakland Tribune Collection, the Oakland Museum of California. Gift of ANG Newspapers

Depiction: A young man is on his knees in the middle of a park. An Ohio National Guard soldier is hitting the right side of the man's face with the butt of his rifle and the man's head can be seen moving. The soldier is dressed in fatigues and a gas mask. The left side of the student's face looks like it's covered in blood. Photo notes read, "A gas masked Ohio National Guard Troop pounds a student on the head with his gun butt 4/30/70 during a second day of violence on Ohio State University's campus. Cans of tear gas were tossed back and forth during the scuffles. Seven people were shot and wounded, more than 200 arrested, and 73 injured during the outbreaks 4/29/70."

Used: Oakland Tribune

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