An aerial view of the Oakland Industrial/Office Park, looking northeast toward the Bay Bridge, the San Francisco skyline and Marin County, and, at the right edge, the southern tip of Alameda. The focus of the photo is the industrial park area on the west side of the freeway [17? 880?] that runs diagonally across the picture from bottom center to center right The northern portion of airport runways is at center left. Housing and factories are at the bottom of the picture. The date (January 24, 1974) and the photo # (ALA-C19D-151) are on the back of the photo. A typewritten description is affixed to the back; it reads "The Port of Oakland's Industrial/Office park provides 300 acres of landscaped property for long term leases. Located near the Oakland International Airport, the park is an ideal site for a variety of commercial activities."

Used: City of Oakland

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