A view of a 5-storey commercial building at center, flanked by a 2-storey and 3 3-storey commercial building. The building at center has a slightly recessed area on the 1st and 2nd floors. The windows on the top floors are arched, while those on the lower floors are rectangular in shape, although of different vintage. A fire escape provides egress from the top 3 floors. The building at left is 2-1/2 storeys tall. The one at right, partially shown, has 3 storeys and a metal fire escape for the upper floor. The main building has a "Dr. Campbell Dentist" sign suspended from the third floor, while the building at right has a "Veloz and Yolanda Dance Studio" sign running vertically from the top floor. The sign in the left background over the building at left reads "H.C.C"[apwell], which locates the main building as around 19th and Broadway. Three automobiles are parked in front of the building; from left to right they are a 1955 or 56 Plymouth, a Renault, and a Volkswagen "Bug." On the left side of the 1955 Plymouth there is a 1957 or 58 Plymouth Yellow Cab Co. taxi. The building is remarkably similar to the one in 2000.2.26 Either the City number or the photographer's number, 43399, is inked in on the back.

Used: City of Oakland

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