A view of a busy street corner in downtown Oaklnad, dominated by a four-storey commercial corner building with an ornate facade. Its ground floor has, from left to right the following tenants: Western Airlines, American Airlines onm Broadway, Granat Bros. (at the corner), and Louis Pasnet tailor shop, Scott's Shoe Repair, a barber shop, and a [Cocktail lounge?] Carriage House on the side street. The side street is one-way with automobiles parked on one side; at left is Broadway, with one auto parked. A traffic signal is at the point of the corner. A painter's scaffold is located above the Granat Bros. store, and a Wet Paint sign has been placed on the street near the curb. Pedestrians are on the sidewalk, and waiting to cross. Either City # or photographer's number R 7178-10 is on the back of the photo.

Used: City of Oakland

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