An 18-storey office building dominates this photo, shown from street level. To To the left of this building is another, 10-storey, office buidling, on the ground floor of which are Thom McAn shoes and See's candy stores. The office building is situated at the intersection of 14th St. and Broadway diagonally across form the camera. The second, third, and fourth storeys are covered with a white stone facade. On the floor above, the windows are arch topped, and the next 10 floors have rectangular windows. The uppermost three floors have arch-topped windows. The tenants of the building are McDonald Tailors and Citizens Federal Saving on Broadway, and Florsheim Shoes at the corner of Broaway and 14th St. The two-storey entrance to the building is on 14th st. On the adjacent corner there is Smith's [Department Store], located on the ground floor of another tall office building. On the corner closest to the camera "Grant's" is located, and on the corner to the left of that, the nose of the flatiron building can be seen. Cars are on the streets and pedestrians are on the sidewalks. Looking down 14th St. into the distance, one can see other office and commercial buildings. Either the photographer's or the City's number R 7178-12 is on the back of the photo.

Used: City of Oakland

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