2.87 in HIGH x 4.5 in WIDE
(7.29 cm HIGH x 11.43 cm WIDE)
City of Oakland

Five men are standing on what appears to be a flat, sloping roof of an office or other large building. The men on the outside of the group are wearing suits; the three in the middle are wearing slacks and white upper garments. The right of the three men in the middle is holding a baseball bat; the other two have baseball gloves on. The man on the left is wearing a white sweatshirt; the other two are wearing white shirts. A section of grandstand-type seats is behind the men. Houses can be seen in the background over the low wall around the roof top. The date at the bottom of the photo is May 18, 1934 A note in the folder reads "August 13, 1970 Mrs. Abounonrad asked me to send this negative I found among the many pictures my husband, Walter H. Meyer, took over his 40 years of service with your city. It looks quite ancient--at least by the autos parked in front. Use it if you can; will send any others I find as I go thru the assortment. Sincerely, Marie Meyer. P.S. I found some more since I wrote this note!" [Note: The negative referred to is not in this folder. JM 6/2000]

Used: City of Oakland

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