5 in HIGH x 3.25 in WIDE
(12.70 cm HIGH x 8.25 cm WIDE)
City of Oakland

The view is of about one fourth of a three-storey Victorian hoouse, featuring bay windows, an exterior fire escape, and a colonnaded entrance. The windows are arched, and the roof appears to be a mansard, with dormer windows projecting out from under the roof top. Based on the bicycles parked out front, and the steps, the view is probably of the front entrance. Shrubbery is growing next to the house. A woman wearing a hat and shorts is standing near the steps. A note in the folder reads "August 13, 1970 Mrs. Abounonrad asked me to send this negative I found among the many pictures my husband, Walter H. Meyer, took over his 40 years of service with your city. It looks quite ancient--at least by the autos parked in front. Use it if you can; will send any others I find as I go thru the assortment. Sincerely, Marie Meyer. P.S. I found some more since I wrote this note!" [Note: The negative referred to is not in this folder. JM 6/2000]

Used: City of Oakland

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