10 in HIGH x 8 in WIDE
(25.40 cm HIGH x 20.32 cm WIDE)
City of Oakland

This is a photo of a rolling crane holding a cargo container in the air, transporting it to or from a docked container ship. A tractor trailer truck has either delivered the container to ship side or is awaiting it. K Line logos are on all the containers, with the exception of one, Matusi OSK Lines, at left center. The crane looms over the entire photo. A typewritten notation is on a paper affixed to the back of the photo; it reads "CONTAINER HUB-containerized cargo is seen being loaded and discharged at the Port of Oakland's 140-acre Seventh street Terminal. Oakland is the largest container port on the Pacific Ocean and second largest container shipping center in the world, behind the Port of New York. Photo number 65505 is on the back of the photo.

Used: City of Oakland

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