Aug. 2, 1940
8.25 in HIGH x 6 in WIDE
(20.95 cm HIGH x 15.24 cm WIDE)
Gift of Carol Reom

Menu, for luncheon aboard the S. S. Nitta Maru on Friday, Aug. 2, 1940. The cover has an illustration of two Japanese girls, dressed in kimonos, in front of a Girl's Day installation of dolls. The back of the menu reads: "The Doll Festival, "Hinamaturi", The Peach Blossom Fete, more popularly known as the "Festival of the Dolls," a time-honored festival for girls, is held yearly on March 3rd. The dolls are ceremonial dolls, a heritage of the household, handed down from generation to generation for a few days' display, after which they are carefully boxed and put away until the next year. The figures most highly valued are the Dairi sama, which represent the Emperor and Empress in resplendant court costumes. They are attended by the court ladies and musicians. All are displayed on a tier of shelves, usually five, from to [sic] 6 ft. wide and covered with bright red cloth. The Imperial Couple occupy the top shelf, and the three court ladies and the offerings to Their Imperial Majesties are on the second shelf. Five court musicians kneel on the third tier and three servants and the household articles occupy the fourth. Food in miniature, kitchen utensils and the other dolls are arranged on the lowest shelf. Two paper lanterns usually flank the three court ladies, and cherry and miniature orange trees are always among the decorations. Peach blossoms symbolizing happiness in marriage, are never absent, and many marriages take place on the day of the Doll Festival. The peach blossoms being round and full, signify the feminine characteristics of delicacy, mildness and peacefulness. Many interpretations are given to the festival. But usually families observe it to encourage the domestic virtues in their girls, also filial piety and loyality."

Used: cruise ship | S.S. Nitta Maru

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