Black Light Dress
Gift of Leta Ramos

Tiger Morrse liked Mel Ramos' art, so she acquired one of his paintings. In exchange Leta Ramos was able to acquire several of Tiger Morrse's fashionable dresses. This one is called the Black Light Dress because it glows in black light. Made of magenta nylon chiffon, "V" neck in the front, long sleeves, the cuff of which is decorated with a single small silver colored metal button (with a ship's captain at the wheel of a ship as the decorative motif), dropped waist; plaid skirt is in bright pastels -- pink, green, blue, yellow, etc., with a dropped sash and a bow in the front, (yellow lining). Fastens down the back with a zipper which has been machine stitched in place, and hand finished at the edge. White lace trims inside facing near zipper and the skirt hem.

Tiger Morse opened a boutique, called 'Teeny Weeny' or 'Teeny Bopper' in New York in 1964. During her career, which was cut short by a drug overdose in the early 70s, she designed and worked with a variety of artists, including Frank Zappa (she is listed as "fashion advisor" in the credits for the album "We're Only in It for the Money"), the Mothers of Invention, and Andy Warhol, who made a film about her, "Tiger Morse."

Used: adult | Female | Leta Ramos | Party | Evening

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