Wonder Woman
2.25 in|2.5 in HIGH x 15 in|2.5 in|2.75 in WIDE x .75 in DEEP
(5.71 cm|6.35 cm HIGH x 38.10 cm|6.35 cm|6.98 cm WIDE x 1.90 cm DEEP)
Gift of Leta Ramos

Leta Ramos wore this "Wonder Woman" costume (designed for her by Lora Livesly) to a Beaux Arts Ball, held as a fund raiser for the Oakland Museum in the late 1960s or early 1970s. Her husband, Mel Ramos, came as Captain Marvel. A: Bodice, strapless, of red satin, zips down the left side. The front of the bodice is decorated with a metallic gold fabric stylized eagle, which has been stuffed and quilted. B: Shorts, of bright blue knitted fabric, stenciled with white stars; they fasten down the left side with a zipper. C: Belt of gold colored mylar; it dips to a point in the front, and fastens with a buckle at the back. D: Crown of metallic gold fabric, goes to a peak in the front, and is decorated with a red felt star at the front. (Stapled in the back.) E-F: Wrist bands of blue knit terry cloth (not the same color. E: is bright blue; F: is slightly faded. G: Wonder Woman's lariat (of gold colored cord-masking tape at either end to keep it from raveling). When wrapped around someone, Wonder Woman's lariat would make people tell the truth.

Used: Leta Ramos | Wonder Woman | Beaux Arts Ball | Oakland Museum

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