Captain Marvel
54.5 in|12.75 in|4.25 in WIDE x 7 in DEEP
(138.43 cm|32.38 cm|10.79 cm WIDE x 17.78 cm DEEP)
Gift of Leta Ramos

Mel Ramos wore this "Captain Marvel" costume (designed for him by Lora Livesly) to a Beaux Arts Ball, held as a fund raiser for the Oakland Museum in the late 1960s or early 1970s. His wife, Leta Ramos, came as Wonder Woman. A: Cape, of ivory colored satin, with a collar , all edges trimmed in yellow satin. Metallic gold fabric button at either end og a gold colored cord. B: Leotard of red nylon knit, long sleeves, decorated on the chest with a lightning bolt of yellow-orange colored taffeta; Danskin label. C: Tights, red nylon knit (no feet); elastic waist; Danskin label. D-E: Gauntlets (cuffs) to be worn at the wrists, made of tucked yellow-orange colored taffeta. F: Cummerbund of yellow-orange colored taffeta. Fastens at the back with three self covered buttons and loops of white elastic.

Used: Mel Ramos | Captain Marvel | Beaux Arts Ball | Oakland Museum

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