XXIII Olympiad Los Angeles 1984
Gift of Sally Arney

1984 Olympic Games,Levi's Official Staff Uniform,42R

This goldenrod colored coat was worn by Dan Dotta from Benecia, a referee for the Track and Field Event at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. There is a diamond shaped patch over the left breast of the coat that is machine embroidered with with the star and the olympic rings and reads: "XXIII Olympiad, Los Angeles, 1984." The coat has two patch pockets on the front. The coat closes with two buttons at center front. Each button has the olympic rings depicted with the star above the rings. Each sleeve has three smaller versions of the buttons at the cuff. The coat is lined in cream colored twill weave synthetic fabric, and has an inner pocket on both the left and right front. Below the right inner pocket is a label with manufacturer information, indicating "1984 Olympic Games, a star followed by the olympic rings,Levi's, Official Staff Uniform, 42R. The coat has a vent opening at center back.

Used: Dan Dotta | Benicia | Los Angeles | Olympic Games | Track and field | Referee

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