c. 1990
9 in WIDE
(22.86 cm WIDE)
Women's Board White Elephant Sale

Ellen Hauptli

This three piece dressy outfit, by Berkeley wearable artist, Ellen Hauptli, was submitted to the Women's Board for their 2001 White Elephant Sale. It is through the Women's Board that the piece was acquired for the museum's collections. The three pieces are all of pleated polyester satin. A: Bodice, rose and turquoise, pleated in square patterns, "Ellen Hauptli" label at nape; B: skirt, turquoise, pleated in a traditional, vertical knife pleate, on an elastic waistband; C: scarf, turquoise, pleated in a fine mushroom pleate. All of the edges of the garments are fluted and stitched in purple.

Used: evening | Adult | Female

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