Gift of Nancy Reagan

Galanos:Professional Dry Clean Only

This collection of eight garments, worn by Nancy Reagan, when she was First Lady of California and First Lady of the United States, illustrates fashionable stylistic changes in the work of California designer, James Galanos. This is a two piece suit. The jacket and skirt are made of a black and white houndstooth weave. A: The jacket has black satin lining that also trims the bottom edge of the jacket. The jacket has no collar, and closes with two buttons and a snap at center front; there is also a button on each sleeve. The buttons have a gold center and black rims. B: The skirt has a large box pleat at the center front and a faux pocket on the proper left and right, with a button on the flap. The flaps have black satin trim along the lower edge. The skirt opens on the proper left side with a zipper and a hook and eye at the waistband. There are five weights, square in shape, along the center back hem of the jacket.

Used: Nancy Reagan | California | First Lady ~ California | Adult | Female | Luncheon | Afternoon

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