16 in WIDE
(40.64 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mrs. Neva Ellington

TR, Richard Tam

Elegantly designed evening dress by Oakland Designer, Richard Tam. Originally worn in 1968 by Neva Ellington, to a Richard Tam Fashion Show, Mrs. Ellington later loaned it to Los Angeles Times writer, Lisa Mitchell, and to motion picture producer, Lindsay Doran, who wore it to the Academy Award ceremonies in 1984. The dress is made of a medium weight striped fabric: black satin weave stripe, with same width stripe next to it, consisting of horizontal stripes of white, orange color and metallic gold. The fabric is cut and stitched to form a large chevron in the front and a "V" in the back. The shoulder straps are set in at angles, and blend into the black stripes of the dress. The garment has a built in bra, making the dress fall from the chest, somewhat flattening the breasts; breasts are minimized in this dress. Label on the inside reads: "RT Richard Tam." Lined in black taffeta.

Used: Neva Ellington | Lindsay Doran | Lisa Mitchell | Evening | Party | Fashion show | Academy Award Ceremonies

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