War Damage Corporation
8.5 in WIDE
(21.59 cm WIDE)
Gift of Willard J. Claussen, Jr.

No. 831--07-- 153;Harold E. Nelson/or Lyndall J. Nelson, 4131 Culver Street, Oakland, Alameda County, California, effective date: July 1, 1942...

"War Damage Corporation" policy No. 831--07-- 153, issued to Harold E. Nelson and/or Lyndall J. Nelson (the "insured") 4131 Culver Street, Oakland, Alameda County, California, July 1, 1942. "In Consideration of the payment of the premium, the Corporation agrees to indemnify the Insured, and legal representatives, against direct physical loss of or damage to the property described in the attached application which may result from ENEMY ATTACK INCLUDING ANY ACTION TAKEN BY THE MILITARY, NAVAL OR AIR FORCES OF THE UNITED STAES IN RESISTING ENEMY ATTACK. ..." Attached form lists the amount of the policy at $9,000.00, with a premium at $9.00 and commision at $1.00. Description of Property: "Frame Dwelling...................$5000.00 Contents......................... 3000.00 Private passenger automobile..... 1000.00 ___________ $9000.00 Automobile described "1941 Mercury 8 -4 door Sedan Motor No.99 A 286652 Serial No. 474527" The document is printed on cream colored paper in black, with the policy number issued in red. The "application" (which has been typewritten) is glued into the center fold of the document.

Used: World War II | Harold E. Nelson | Lyndall J. Nelson

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