.5 in HIGH x 1.75 in WIDE
(1.27 cm HIGH x 4.44 cm WIDE)
Gift of Jay Carlow

First Flyers at Oakland Airport. June 7 through October 10, 2002.

A: Brown seude leather jacket used by Jack Irwin when he flew. Probably dates from the 1920s, or the 1930s. Brown fabric lining (rayon?), fastens down the front with a metal, gold colored zipper. Cuffs and waist are of knitted brown fabric. One inset pocket on either side. B: Wings pin, worn over left breast. Silver colored metal wings, with a circle in the center, enamel red and blue, "F.A.I., N.A.A. Pilot." Pin is worn on a piece of red leather sewn to the outside of the jacket.

Used: Jack Irwin | Flying | Aviation

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