27 in HIGH x 28 in WIDE x 32 in DEEP
(68.58 cm HIGH x 71.12 cm WIDE x 81.28 cm DEEP)
Gift of the Sacramento Archives and Museum Collection Center

Shipping crate used to transport goods to and from Vietnam. The crate has two missing sides, only four sides remain. The crate is made of wood slats nailed to cross members along the top, bottom and sides. On one side the crate has stencilled: From MAAG Indochine, to CG SF PE, for stockpile-Y, Container A5. Box # 5337......" It also has a big "#14" written by hand. On the other side it has a paper tag attached. The writing is partially washed off, but you can read: "State Education Agency/ For Surplus Property/ to Sacramento Area Civil Defense Corporation Yard/5730 24th Street, Sacto, Calif." Also on this side it has #14 written by hand. In center side it has some stencilled words "Container Assembly..." that have a much larger stencilled sign overimposed. this sign is corssed over by a black line in black paint, but you can stil read: "DEST> ERG---AIGON." lower in that side is hadwritten: AE 5087.3/636."

Used: shipping | Vietnam War

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