Album contains 43 images back to back. 1) shows the back of H.C. Capwell look down 14th Street toward the back of City Hall; 2) intersection of 14th and Broadway, street level; 3) Broadway north from 11th, shows street cars and some of the buildings along 14th including the Regent Theatre; 4) intersection of Telegraph and San Pablo showing street cars and autos on the road; 5) area in front of City Hall showing Kahns across the street; 6) looking down Clay Street showing city hall, street cars vying for space with cars and horse and wagons, one of the businesses next door to city hall is Vaugan French Pastry; 7) looking up San Pablo? from street level showing Heald's on the left side of image; 8) building under construction; 9) intersection of Broadway and 14th showing the Union Savings Building in the center; 10) building under construction shot taken from higher elevation (city hall?); 11) street scene in downtown neighborhood, people walking around the steet, street car zipping by, worker climbing a ladder to hang Christmas garland from the telephone poles, Pantages Theater in the background; 12) Oakland harbor showing the Alaska Packers fleet at dock; 13) Oakland harbor, Alaska Packers fleet, shot taken from the deck of one of the ships; 14) Oakland waterfront, image taken from a crane looking down on a ship ready for product loading; 15) small illustrated aerial map of the proposed location of the Fremont tract by the Realty Syndicate; 16-17) photo covers two pages, looking down a road with mostly empty land on either side where a large sign advertises the "Fremont Tract"- across the bottom of the photo "showing the location of some of the choicest lots for home and investment." 18-19) photo covers two pages, shows the intersection fo High Street and Hopkins St. in the Fremont tract showing the empty lots and the names of the streets handwritten into the photo; 20) photos taken looking west across Redding St. from the corner of High st. in the proposed Fremont Tract showing a few homes already there and lots of open land; 21) same shot as previous but taken from the opposite side of the street where you can see a photograph standing in a field with his camera and tripod. 22-3) showing more of Fremont Tract; 24) showing additional street in Fremont Tract with some completed homes; 24) more of Fremont tract looking east on Vale Ave.; 25) Fremont Tract, High Street showing open lots; 24) house in Fremont tract showing improvements (fences, etc.); 25) more houses and open lots in the Fremont Tract with a car parked at the curb in front of one of the houses; 26) showing a bungalow in the Fremont Tract with a man standing in front of the house, possibly the owner?; 27) another completed home in the Fremont Tract with two men conversing in the front yard; 28) Fremont tract showing empty lots at Hight St. and Redding; 29) complete homes in Fremont Tract; 30) house on Quigly st. in the Fremont Tract; 31) homes in Fremont Tract, one still under construction; 32) bungalow with cedar shingle siding on Porter Street in the Fremont Tract; 33) showing a few completed homes on Porter Street in the Fremont Tract, at the house on the left side, three women are posing on the front porch; 34) a newly built school in the Fremont Tract; 35) the completed Laurel School near the Fremont Tract with the swings of the swing set in front of the building still moving; 36) a church at the corner of High and Porter Sts. in the Fremont Tract; 37) empty lots in Fremont tract with the names of the streets written into the photo; 38) two page panorama showing Fremont Tract from Mills College at the bottom of the photo is written "all houses in foreground were construted in 1913."

Used: unknown

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