A New Dalmatic for Tutenkamen
c. 1980
Gift of the artist

Katherine Westphal "A New Dalmatic for Tutenkamen" '

Tunic is made of silver color panne velvet with a voided linear offset pattern of diamonds with dots in the centers. Tunic is dyed and printed rust color and peach color, with smaller areas of purple, lavender color, yellow, turquoise color, and pink. Tunic features hand-drawn, Egyptian-style motifs of scarabs, papyrus, and asps, as well as Xerox photographic transfer images of statues and people in front of pyramids and the Sphinx. In the photographs of the group of people, the artist's husband, Charles E. (Ed) Rossbach, is standing on the proper right. The design layout of the tunic includes a wide circular collar of photographic statue images front and back, and down the center front, a vertical row of 2 photographic images of people in front of pyramids and the Sphinx. There is also a horizontal band of the statue images circling the armseyes of the sleeves.

Used: wearable art | Adult | Woman | Day

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