S.S. Kaimiloa, Voyage 3
9 in HIGH x 6.385 in WIDE
(22.86 cm HIGH x 16.22 cm WIDE)
Gift of Carol Reom

The Melanphy Steamship Co.,

This party souvenir is made to look like a menu from a voyage on a steamship. It is a single fold, heavy cream colored paper; printed on the front in metallic silver, tan and yellow is an illustration of a seated woman, wearing a sarong, seated in front of a banana tree, plaiting a basket. Inside, printed in black is a listing of the host, hostess, honoree and party guests, present to honor William C. Meyer for his graduation from the University of California, Berkeley, and his birthday. "S.S. Kaimiloa, Voyage 3. Sailing from University of California, 8:15 P. M., May 15, 1937, For 'The World Beyond'." "Officers: Captain A. G. Townsend, Commander, Captain R. J. Melanphy, Staff Captain, Dr. L. R. Randle, Surgeon; Stewardesses: Dixie Townsend, Roma Melanphy, Dell Randle." "Note: Surgeon on deck if needed. The Melanphy Steamship Company, General Offices: 511 Coventry Road, Berkeley, California." "First Class Passengers: Captain 'Sandy' Goodman, Lieut. Bill Graham, William C. Meyer, Jack Stahle, Burrows 'Bill' Morgan, Donald Caziarc, Stanley Kelley, Creighton 'Bill' Patterson, Lyman Clark, William G. Holly, Franck 'Bud' Reanier and Stanley Sparrowe." "Cabin Class Passengers: Lois Doughty, Mrs. Grahamm, Helen Reanier, Dorothy Warren, Jane Herrmann, Joy Giffen, Joan Johnson, Ruth Anderson, Mary M. Simon, Betty Archambeault, Jane Dewell and Hope Valentine." "Ship News. Berkeley, Calif., May 15 -- The R. J. Melanphy's are entertaining aboard the S.S. 'Kaimiloa' this evening in honor of the graduation and birthday of William C. Meyer."

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