Sheet music is white paper, printed in black. Words by Lillian H. Shuey, music by M. Ruth Macdonald, published by Ludlow-Macdonald Music Co., of Oakland. A: front and back page, B: middle page. Front page shows a full-color photographic image of a part of San Francisco with a tree in the foreground, and several buildings in the background. At the bottom left corner, a caption says "The Spread of San Francisco." Below the bottom right corner, it states that the design was adapted from a cover of Sunset Magazine from June, 1907. Cover illustrates the re-building of San Francisco after the earthquake and fire of 1906. There are semi-destroyed buildings directly behind the two workmen involved in the re-construction. P. Mendelsohn 7/05 The image on the cover has a gold and a green border. It is soiled and has some apparent water damage. The upper corner of all three pages is dog-eared, and the condition is fair.
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