Parasail Skirt
Gift of Joe Haller, co-designer of Nice Collective

Nice Collective (label at center back waist)
"Iconic to Ironic: Fashioning California Identity," OMCA Great Hall, March 15 - September 21, 2003

Skirt of olive color silk organza is layered over olive color cotton plain weave; has five boned hoops, increasing in diameter from waist to hem, closing in front with a series of black twill tape ties. Size M. Can be worn over matching underskirt (not collected), or over black tights. Skirt is from Nice Collective's "Airline" collection, from Spring 2000. Joe Haller and Ian Hannula: "Nice Collective accents Spring 2000 with details evocative of wind erosion, air coolants and flight. The incorporation of boning and exaggerated structures bring an aerodynamic overtone to the entire collection. Pants, skirts and tops reveal hidden air vents." Skirt's structure is intended to be evocative of parasail structures--sheer fabrics combined with stiff elements to provide structure. Designer was unaware of unintentional allusion to period costume, both in the use of hoops, and the center front opening (alludes to 17th C.- 19th C. farthingales or hoops, and 18th C. frontlets, both women's styles). Per interview with donor/designer Joe Haller, 08/07/02.

Used: adult | Female | Evening | Day | Concert

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