Gravity Pants
Gift of Joe Haller, co-designer of Nice Collective

Nice Collective (label at inside proper right side back hip)

Trousers are black cotton plain weave, with a zippered center front fly, inseam pockets at both sides at the waist, and two patch pockets with stitched-down flaps in the back. Also, below the proper left back pocket is a smaller pocket which buttons closed with an aluminum shanked button. Trouser hems feature three evenly spaced vertical buttonholes (one front, two back). Also at the hem of the trouser in the back is a length of zipper teeth. Size 32. Trousers are from Nice Collective's Spring 2002 collection, Man:Machine. Joe Haller and Ian Hannula: "For Spring 2002, Nice Collective explore the relationship between man, machine and nature. Here they host references to robotics, machine and space travel. Ideas in automated art, frontiers in new electronic sounds, and early electronic music further inspired the designers to create this mechanically detailed collection." The zipper detail at the back hem is an answer to worn-out hems due to trousers that are too long and get caught under the heel of the wearer's shoe. The name of these trousers then developed when the designers thought about what would have to happen for the two legs to get zipped together, i.e. being in zero-gravity.

Used: adult | Male | Day | Leisure

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