Mudd Pants
Gift of Joe Haller, co-designer of Nice Collective

Nice Collective (label at inside proper right side back hip)

Trousers are beige cotton plain weave, with center front zippered fly and several piecing details. Trousers also feature several pockets--two vertical-opening, inseam pockets at the side front; below those, two horizontal-opening pockets which snap closed with four snaps set in olive color cotton strapping; and below those, two vertical-opening, deep inseam pockets; and two horizontal-opening, inseam pockets at side back hip. An eight-inch-long zipper set into both inseams reveal a small triangular godet when unzipped. No size--label has been cut off. Trousers are from Nice Collective's Fall 2000 collection, Data, although they continue to be marketed through Fall 2002. Joe Haller and Ian Hannula: "For Fall 2000 the concept of data retrieval and information technology translates into clothing." The purpose of the pockets on the lower thigh and the calf are to allow the wearer to place things in his pocket while sitting down.

Used: adult | Male | Day | Leisure

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