Kite Jacket
Gift of Joe Haller, co-designer of Nice Collective

Nice Collective (label at center back neck)

'Kite Jacket' is made from blue polycarbonate plain weave fabric, the same fabric from which certain actual kites are made. Jacket features center front, button-up closure, fold-over collar, long sleeves with buttoned cuffs, and a large triangular flap at the center back with a grommet at the point. Jacket has two casings stitched in the back, one running down the center back and the other running up one side seam, arching across the shoulders, and down the other side seam. Inside the casings are two flexible wooden dowels which give the jacket the rigidity it needs in order to be flown as a kite. Dowels are removable to make the jacket more wearable. Size M. Jacket is from Nice Collective's "Airline" collection, from Spring 2000. Joe Haller and Ian Hannula: "Nice Collective accents Spring 2000 with details evocative of wind erosion, air coolants and flight. The incorporation of boning and exaggerated structures bring an aerodynamic overtone to the entire collection. A button-up made of poly-carbonate fabric doubles as a kite and actually flies."

Used: adult | Male | Day | Leisure | Evening | Concert

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