c. 1909
24 in HIGH x 21.5 in WIDE
(60.96 cm HIGH x 54.61 cm WIDE)
Gift of Nina Bell

Tricycle has two large, spoked rear wheels, 20 inches in diameter, one spoked front wheel, 10 inches diameter. Rear wheels have wooden fenders. Padded seat with small back support is covered in painted brown canvas, and connected to rear wheels with small springs. Front wheel allows for steering, with handlebars connected to the wheel by long metal bar. Tricycle had been painted blue and green, original blue paint still visible in places on back axel. Owner was Adelheid Schraft Tschudy (donor's mother), born in Los Angeles in 1904, moved to San Francisco soon after that. She attended Lowell High School in SF and was a graduate of the University of California (Berkeley) c. 1925.

Used: child | Girl | Adelheid Sophie Schraft

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