Gift of Joan McDonough Grimes

Hanes, -- -- -- (illegible), All Nylon, 10 1/2 Medium (printed on welt of stocking in white)Hanes Seamless (printed in white and gold on paper)

2002.46.4a= stocking 2002.46.4b= stocking 2002.46.4c= card stockings were wrapped around when purchased (blank) 2002.46.4d= paper stockings were wrapped with when purchased (translucent, printed in white and metallic gold color) Stockings are gray nylon, are seamless, and have a heel. They are in mint condition, with the original papers. Card is blank white paper. Paper is transluscent white, with words printed in white and metallic gold color. Stockings were part of the donor's trousseau when she got married in 1949.

Used: Joan McDonough Grimes

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