Mid 20th century
1.5 in HIGH x 3.5 in WIDE
(3.81 cm HIGH x 8.89 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mr. Edward Ozawa

Geta are covered in brocaded silk with designs of chrysanthemums, cherry blossoms, and other flowers in taupe, pale yellow, orange color, vermilion, purple, and lavender color on a white background. The strap of the geta has the silk brocade at the top, piping of vermilion silk plain weave at the outside edge, and white velveteen on the underside where it would touch the foot. Besides the top layer of the sole which is covered in the silk brocade, the base of the shoe is built up of five layers which are edged in alternating vermilion and white silk plain weave. The bottom-most layer is white felt, with a rubber heel stitched to the bottom-most layer. No left or right distinguished, A and B are identical. These geta were worn by Sei Kubota Kimura, the donor's grandmother (b. 1887-d.1980).

Used: Sei Kubota Kimura | Adult | Female

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