1.75 in HIGH x 2.75 in WIDE
(4.44 cm HIGH x 6.98 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mr. Edward Ozawa

Pair of women's mule sandals are made from coral colored laquered wood (and fabric?), with four oval-shaped holes, approximately 3/4" by 1/4," in the vamp. The vamp is nailed to the base of the shoe on either side through a narrow, scalloped piece of metal, painted white. A: right shoe, has a circular metallic silver and gold sticker, 1/2" in diameter at the heel, with two Japanese characters inside of a crescent shape. B: left shoe, has the remains of a rectangular paper sticker on the outside edge of the shoe. When shoes were given by the donor, they came in a box which wasn't accessioned due to its poor condition. Box had a yellow label at one end which said "Pearl Mode" as well as several rows of Japanese characters, and a larger version of the design on the sticker on A. Setsuko Kimura was born in 1924 and died in 2001. Kaoru Kitagawa, 11/7/02: The Japanese characters on the box label state the store brand name, "Omatsu," and the words "Pearl Mode" and "sandals." The date is probably somewhere in the 1960's.

Used: Setsuko Kimura | Adult | Female

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