Vietnam Fact Cards
3.5 in HIGH x 2.5 in WIDE
(8.89 cm HIGH x 6.35 cm WIDE)
Gift of David E. James

This is a set of 66 cards which presents facts about the Vietnam war, beginning with Ho Chi Mihn's founding of the Vietmihn in 1944, to the Fall of Saigon in 1975. Each of the 66 cards has an illustarion on one side, which depictes the fact given on the reverse, the facts are boardered by army green in-country illustrations. The first card is the title card, and on the back reads: "This set of Vietnam Fact Cards is dedicated to American and French soldiers and their allies who fought communism in the Vietnam War. Of the 3,300,000 Americans who took part, 303,000 were wounded and 58,130 killed. The purpose of these Fact Cards is not glorify war, but to provide some insight and stimulate discussion of a war which very few understand." --Each card is printed in both english and french. a) title, dedication b) Vietminh Victory c) Ho Chi Minh d) French Return e) War Begins! f) General Giap g) Dien Bien Phu h) Preparing for Battle i) Surrounding the French j) Parachute Drops k) No Retreat! l) French Surrender m) Vietnam Split! n) Joining Forces Alliance o) Villiage Defense p) Gangsters Attack! q) Shocking Public Suicides r) President Kennedy s) Leaders Assassinated t) President Johnson u) Bombs Away! v) "Maddox" attacked w) Taking action x) North Vietnam Bombed y) Surprise Attack! z) Terrorists Bomb Cafe aa) Operation "Flaming Dart" bb) Operation "Rolling Thunder" cc) Christmas in Vietnam dd) General Westmorland ee) Search and Destroy ff) Medevac gg) Checklist #1 hh) Black Market ii) Tunnel system jj) Tunnel rats kk) Ho Chi Minh Trail ll) Attacking the Trail! mm) Pointman nn) Agent Orange oo) Perils in the Jungle pp) Captured qq) Huey rr) Danger! ss) B-52 Stratofortress tt) Sam Missile uu) Khe Sanh vv) M-16 AK-47 ww) Cities Attacked! xx) Riverboats Embarcations yy) The Death Card zz) "Hamburger Hill" aaa) Brutal Captors bbb) Protest at Home ccc) Emergency! ddd) Ambushed! eee) Transfer of Duties fff) Easter Agency ggg) Hanoi Bombarded hhh) Briefing the President iii) Frantic Refugees jjj) Battle of Xuan Loc kkk) Make Room! lll) Last Huey mmm) Saigon Falls nnn) checklist #2

Each card in the deck has been labeled 2002.78.1a-2002.78.1nnn, this was done in case one or more of the cards became separated from the pile, it could then be replaced easily. The deck of cards is contained in a plastic bag with a yellow pricetag for $15.00- this is what the deck was given in.

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