Iran-Contra Scandal Trading Cards
4 in|3.75 in HIGH x 3 in|2.75 in WIDE
(10.16 cm|9.52 cm HIGH x 7.62 cm|6.98 cm WIDE)
Gift of David E. James

36 fact cards and one advertisment card are contained in a box. The cards feature cartoon images of key figures, places and occurances on one side of the card, and a few paragraphs on the reverse regarding the image and its connection to the Iran-Contra scandal. The advertisment slip is for other items from Eclipse Enterprises, which can be ordered thru the slip of paper. The box has a characature of Oliver North with his right hand raised, looking distraught, behind himis the American flag, and various people/figures who are in some way involved in the scandal. The title sign (IRAN -CONTRA Scandal) is in the shape of a protractor, with trading cards and "featuring The Secret Team written below. a) The Iran-Contra Hearing b) Anastasio Somoza c) Enrique Bermudez d) Adolfo Calero e) William Casey f) Caspar Weinberger g) John Singlaub h) Thomas Posey i) The La Penca Bomber j) Rene Corvo and Felipe Vidal k) The Medellin Cartel l) John Hull m) Oliver North n) Robert Owen o) Carl "Spitz" Channell p) Joseph Coors q) King Fahd r) Elliot Abrams s) Richard Secord t) Albert Hakim u) Richard Gadd & Rober Dutton v) Thomas Clines w) Rafael "Chi Chi" Quintero x) Theodore Shackley y) William Buckley z) Manucher Ghorbanifar aa) David Kimche bb) Robert McFarlane cc) Eugene Hasenfus dd) Felix Rodriguez ee) Donald Gregg ff) George Bush gg) Edwin Meese III hh) Fawn Hall ii) John Poindexter jj) Ronald Reagan kk) advertisment

on one side of the box, it states,"Much of the information on these cards was developed by the Christic Institute, a non-profit oublic-interest law firm which has filed a lawsuit against key figures in the Iran-Contra scandal on behalf of journalists Tony Avirgan and Martha Honey. For more information on this lawsuit contact the Christic Institute, 1324 North Capitol Street NW Washington, D.C. 20002

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