Summer 1988
11 in HIGH x 8.25 in WIDE
(27.94 cm HIGH x 20.95 cm WIDE)
Gift of David E. James

Each issue is approximatley 66 pages, which explore the Vietnam War, thru personal experiences and documented facts. The front cover uses a color photograph, in-country, with the title signage in yellow, centered on the top, the edition (ex. Summer 1988) is in the upper left, and the price on the upper right, just above the signage. Along the left boarder, in white type, are the topics which the issue will discuss (example, General Weyand Interviewed) Each issue includes relative advertisments, and send aways, mostly relating to various American war, particularly the Vietnam war, as well as commentaries about current issues (the Wall, etc.)

On page 59 of the premire issue (2002.78.8) there is an order form for the Vietnam magazine, which includes the premis for the magazine:VIETNAMFinally, the time has come when we can honestly examine what happened.More than a decade has passed... America's vets are gaining long overdue appreciation... and today you can assess Vietnam from the military perspective... the full story of strategy and tactics in VIETNAM magazine.Vietnam will help you explore all the aspects of that fromidable conflict. From early French involvement to the heartbreaking fall of Saigon, VIETNAM gives you a deeper understanding of the war and how it was fought- wherher or not you were there. Go in-country with us four times a year to:Meet the enemy in the bush, villiages, and rice paddies... examine the deadly weapons devised for jungle warfare, the hovercraft and airboats in the Delta River War, and the devastating firepower of air cavalry choppers... find our what really happened in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964... Exciting feature articles will take you up against Charlie on his home turf and to places such as Khe Sanh, which U.S. troops were ordered to hold- at all costs.Lively, factual accounts add important details and shed new light on the engagements and events that now are etched indelibly in the American experience. See how Operation Masher/ White Light crushed North Vietnam's 3rd Division... witness the bitter street fighting in Hue... go along on clandestine missionwith the SEALS and LURPS, whose legendary exploits carried the war into enemy strongholds... it call comes back to mind and life in each big, fact-filled issue of VIETNAM. But VIETNAM does more than help you learn or remember what it was like to do a tour in Southeast Asia. Articles reveal what went on in hidden Viet Cong training camps... explain why men and supplies kept flowing down the Ho Chi Minh Trail... and brief you on the frontline tactics like cloverleaf formation used while patrolling enemy infested areas.Plus, battlefield photographs and detailied maps bring the strategic topography sharply into focus.Its about time a magazie devoted to the entire military history of Vietnam was published. Enter your Charter Subscription today to read how we fought a land war in Southeast Asia, where individual courage and determination abounded- even when the odds became stacked against us. Clip and mail the coupon below.

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