(U.S. out of California)
20 in HIGH x 30 in WIDE
(50.80 cm HIGH x 76.20 cm WIDE)
Collection of the Oakland Museum of California

On April 20 2002, approximately 20,000 people participated in a peace march in San Francisco. The demonstration began at Dolores Park and ended at the city hall. Many causes were featured on posters. This poster is unique because it was hand-made and had boasted for the end of U.S. involvement in California. When approached, the owner of the sign declared that before we ask the U.S. to leave the middle east, we should ask them to get out of California. Many fellow demonstrators agreed with him and coveted his sign. U.S. out of California is patriotically painted in blue and red. Also, there are two American flag stickers on the back of the poster.

Used: protestor

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