.25 in HIGH x 5.5 in WIDE
(.63 cm HIGH x 13.97 cm WIDE)
Gift of Gloria Karina Arroyo

Gloria K. Arroyo XV Años 9.23.2000
"Iconic to Ironic: Fashioning California Identity," OMCA Great Hall, March 15 - September 21, 2003

A= Compact disc was made as a party favor for guests of Gloria Karina Arroyo's quinceañera. CD features fourteen songs grouped into three themes: "Early Years," "2000," and "Happy Birthday." An image of Gloria Karina Arroyo as a young girl is on the front of the CD. B= Compact disc case has a blue ribbon bow attached on the front which reads "Gloria K. Arroyo XV Años 9.23.2000," and features a listing of the songs on the back. C= Folded insert inside CD case has a picture of Gloria Karina Arroyo as a toddler on the front, and a short message from Gloria to the guest on the back thanking them for attending her quincea_era.


A quincea_era is the celebration of a young woman's fifteenth birthday in Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central, or South American culture. The quincea_era symbolizes a young woman's transition into womanhood, and the event usually combines a special Catholic mass given in the young woman's honor with a larger formal reception for family and friends. This type of event may also be called the Fiesta Rosa (for example, in El Salvador).

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