No subrecords A- Box. Front has logo depicting outline of California superimposed with "California Total Recall Playing Cards" and a bar with the recycle symbol. Three playing cards depicting Arnold Schwarzenegger, Larry Flynt, and Arianna Huffington are in the background. Back of box has the same logo as the front. Back reads "Hasta La Vista, Davis" across top and has picture of Gray Davis with "Terminated!" written across his forehead. Front of cards picture a candidate in the center, a statement by the candiate above, and the candiate's name, party affiliation, and occupation below. Back of cards has a graphic of Gray Davis, flipped at the center and reads "Hasta La Vista, Davis!" above and below. B- Ace Spades- Arnold Schwarzenegger C- 2 Spades- Gary Coleman D- 3 Spades- Bob Lynn Edwards E- 4 Spades- Robert McClain F- 5 Spades- Gerold Lee Gorman G- 6 Spades- Chuck Walker H- 7 Spades- David E. Kessinger I- 8 Spades- Mohammad Arif J- 9 Spades- Tim Sylvester K- 10 Spades- Garrett Gruener L- Jack Spades- Frank A. Macaluso Jr. M- Queen Spades- Diane Beall Templin N- King Spades- Bill Simon O- Ace Diamonds- Arianna Huffington P- 2 Diamonds- Larry Flynt Q- 3 Diamonds- Jon W. Zellhoefer R- 4 Diamonds- Jack Loyd Grisham S- 5 Diamonds- Paul W. Vann T- 6 Diamonds- Bryan Quinn U- 7 Diamonds- Gene E. Forte V- 8 Diamonds- Jeffrey L. Mock W- 9 Diamonds- Darryl L. Mobley X- 10 Diamonds- Mike Schmier Y- Jack Diamonds- Warren Farrell Z- Queen Diamonds- Brooke Adams AA- King Diamonds- David "Laughing Horse" Robinson BB- Ace Clubs- Cruz Bustamante CC- 2- Clubs- Mary (Mary Carey) Cook DD- 3 Clubs- Robert Cullenbine EE- 4 Clubs- Michael A. Jackson FF- 5 Clubs- Ivan A. Hall III GG- 6 Clubs- Brian Tracy HH- 7 Clubs- Badi Badiozamani II- 8 Clubs- Joe Guzzardi JJ- 9 Clubs- Nathan Whitecloud Walton KK- 10 Clubs- Jonathan D. Miller LL- Jack Clubs- Scott W. Davis MM- Queen Clubs- Iris Adam NN- King Clubs- Peter Miguel Camejo OO- Ace Hearts- Peter Ueberroth PP- 2 Hearts- Angelyne QQ- 3 Hearts- Trek Thunder Kelly RR- 4 Hearts- Richard Andrew Grosse SS- 5 Hearts- Georgy Russell TT- 6 Hearts- Lorraine (Abner Zurd) Fontanes UU- 7 Hearts- Reva Renee Renz VV- 8 Hearts- Heather Peters WW- 9 Hearts- Sara Ann Hanlon XX- 10 Hearts- Richard J. Simmons YY- Jack Hearts- Ed Beyer ZZ- Queen Hearts- Audie Elizabeth Bock AAA- King Hearts- Tom McClintock BBB- Joker- Donkey-headed man in suit- parody of Democatic party member CCC- Joker- Donkey-headed man in suit- parody of Democatic party member DDD- Joker- Elephant-headed man in suit- parody of Republican party member
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