59.5 in WIDE
(151.13 cm WIDE)
Gift of Kay Sekimachi

Card woven coat of linen. Card weaving is thick and produces related, but dissimilar patterns on the surface and the back of the fabric. This coat is made of multicolored linen, primarily gray, khaki/olive green, magenta, yellow, brown, green and cream color. The neck is square, the sleeves are long and the coat fastens down the proper right side(from the neck down) with 7 reddish brown wooden buttons, also made by Joy Stocksdale. The neckline, the cuffs and the hem are all bound with card woven tape which has been stitched in place with a blanket stitch. The two side pieces at the neck have blanket stitch embroidered on either side, and end in short, bound double tassels.

Artist Joy Stocksdale made this unusual card woven coat for her father, world renouned wood craftsman, Bob Stocksdale, c. 1972. He wore it once to a party.

Used: Bob Stocksdale

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