20th century
.25 in DEEP
(6.35 mm DEEP)
Gift of Mrs. Bette Chinn Dare and Mrs. Peggy Chinn Takahashi.

Bette Chinn

A series of seven different sized brushes, with a cap, used by Bette Chinn in her Chinese classes in Oakland. A: Brush of bamboo with a white label featuring a star; bamboo lid is marked "Bette Chinn." B: Bamboo brush with label like that of "A" also marked "Bette Chinn." C: Bamboo brush with the same label as "A" and "B" but not marked for ownership. D:Bamboo brush with green label, cap marked "Bette Chinn." E: Bamboo brush with red and orange color label, cap marked "Bette Chinn." F: Bamboo brush with green label, cap marked "Bette Chinn." G: Bamboo brush with no label, cap marked "Bette Chinn."

Used: Bette Chinn | Chinatown neighborhood | Chinese School | Chinese language

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